Professional Development

Footprints on the Globe is a specialist educational consultancy with a focus on Global Citizenship. and provides the following services :

Professional Development sessions that can be structured as;

  1. Full days, or
  2. 1 -2 hour after school workshops for small groups or an entire staff

These Professional Development sessions are a rich source of information for teachers and schools who are at the early stages of their journey to discovering, exploring and embedding Global Citizenship into their curriculum and teaching

The aims and objectives of our professional development training are to:

  • Help schools and teachers more easily see the curriculum through a global lens,
  • To ensure students more deeply understand the way they live in this world, and
  • To inspire and empower the whole school community (staff, students and parents) to be engaged, holistically & positively connected to our global way of life.

What’s involved in a Professional Development workshop?

A typical workshop would cover the following:

  1. What is Global citizenship? The what, the how and the why.
  2. Why is it important to teach Global Citizenship?
  3. What are the Sustainable Development Goals and how can I incorporate them into my teaching?
  4. How can I embed Global Citizenship into the curriculum?
  5. Resources, ideas, activities from A-Z to start using in the classroom
  6. Planning effectively for Global Citizenship in the classroom
  7. Next Steps- where to from here? And how can I help my school move forward in the development of it’s global citizens?

N.B. workshop content can be adapted to align it to where a school is on their own unique Global Citizenship journey.