Educational Resources- Breaking the Cycle Education

Exploring is to travel through the unknown to learn or discover new information.” Kate Leeming

Kate Leeming is a modern day pioneer, someone who is a change maker. She has a desire to inspire, challenge and educate students globally about making positive change to their communities. Before, during and following her latest expedition to the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, Kate wants to encourage students to explore their passions and discover new layers of potential. 
There are ten individual lesson plans that can be used as stand -alone lessons or as a sequence of lessons. Each lesson has been directly linked and embedded with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and focuses on the Learn, Think, Feel, Act strategy. The resources aim is for educators to use them in their own classrooms and to connect globally to educate, inform and inspire students so they can become our future leaders that can make informed decisions to create a better world.